• US Coast Guard Training Program Administration – Our training administration personnel possess extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations that ensure the continuity of the Aviation Training Program. Our professionals manage complex training issues, review and revise existing instructions and generate new instructions to maintain aviation specific training records for personnel employed or assigned to the US Coast Guard’s Aviation Logistics Center.
  • Public Relations and Protocol – Planning and implementing events and functions for senior personnel involving foreign dignitaries, diplomats and foreign and domestic military personnel is where Workforce Resources excels in meeting high expectations. Our professionals arrange transportation and housing accommodations and ensure special amenities are provided for visitors. A thorough understanding of the protocols and principles that apply to individuals from assorted foreign countries is crucial. Exemplary planning skills enable our specialists to make complex arrangements that meet visitors’ needs and expectations. Their cordial communication skills make guests feel warm and welcomed.Our team of protocol specialists conducts base tours of the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center, escort dignitaries, manage logistics and event planning, provide audio-visual equipment set up and break down, maintain electronic bulletin boards, produces a quarterly newsletter, make travel arrangements and keep abreast of various procedural requirements.
  • Acquisition Support – Workforce Resources personnel provide administrative support in the Office of Procurement and Acquisition at the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center. Our team is responsible for the clerical and technical work that supports the procurement of supplies, services and/or construction. Administrative assistants control and review procurement documents and reports, contact vendors to obtain status of orders and expedite deliveries; maintain procurement files; resolve shipment, payment and other discrepancies; trace the status of requisitions, contracts and orders using automated or manual files and through contracts with vendors, supply technicians, inventory managers, and engineers. All of our personnel maintain practical knowledge of procurement procedures, operations, regulations and programs.

Financial Analysis & Tracking

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Office of Facilities and Property Management retains finance professionals from Workforce Resources to provide financial analysis of its overall operation; advice on business modeling, strategic management planning and initiatives and strategic and tactical approaches for improved organizational performance. Our finance team provides on-going accounting and reporting structure; cost data analysis; budgeting levels; trends in spending reports; spending plan analysis and develops reports that include: cost by square foot, allocating facility use costs to customers, rental square foot metrics for NIST space.

Workforce Resources provides the services of a special expert in research and research support facilities, property cost accounting, budgeting, cost allocation and financial management to aid NIST. Our finance expert reviews and provides options for developing an on-going accounting and reporting structure; develops cost by square foot for the various facility use services; reviews spending plans and make recommendations to achieve efficiencies; and reviews trends in spending.