Electrical and Structural Engineering

The US Coast Guard is working to convert Navy helicopters, as well as some of their own helicopters, into a fleet of aircraft that performs under the Coast Guard’s standards, applicability, safety and reliability.  Workforce Resources provides a team of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, equipment specialists, supply technicians and clerks to the US Coast Guard to develop and deliver the engineering, technical and logistic support services  that include aviation engineering consultation, logistical planning support and supply and warehouse support for the MH-60T conversion project.

Our Electrical Engineer, Electrical and Structural Technicians assist the Coast Guard’s Medium Range Recovery (MRR) Product Line with the conversion of the MH-60J helicopter to the MH-60T version.  The conversion replaces nearly all of the avionic components, consisting of a 100% rewire of the aircraft, and integrates state-of-the-art sensors to assist aircrews with completing many Coast Guard missions.  The conversion project staff develops integration plans for systems, devices, and equipment.  They redesign or modify equipment to improve performance and report results.  These conversions are completed in conjunction with the aircraft’s scheduled overhaul cycle.  Additionally, the team investigates MH-60T equipment failure reports and institutes corrective design changes and maintenance procedures as required to aid in the integration of the MH-60T into the fleet.

Aviation Information Technology

Workforce Resources’ team of engineering programmers provides Automatic Circuit Analysis Test Systems (ACATS) programming services for the Engineering Services Division Airworthiness Sustainment Branch at the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City, NC.  Our professionals develop all aspects of a test program set for product line support and provide system and/or process upgrades.  We assign and track all project tasks assigned to the ACATS group; train ACATS operators; research information needed to procure ACATS equipment; troubleshoot and repair; collect and analyze engineering data into program development baseline information; work with engineering, production management and ACATS operators to continually improve testing techniques and facilities.

Aircraft Maintenance

It is of the utmost importance that our service men and women fly in aircraft that meet and exceed safety standards.  Therefore, the Workforce Resources team of highly skilled aircraft maintenance mechanics works diligently to repair, replace and rebuild aircraft structures which keep the US Coast Guard’s fleet of aircraft in top shape, meeting all of the quality assurance standards necessary for flight.  Our team of aircraft maintenance mechanics makes aircraft corrosion repairs and performs corrosion preventative maintenance at the US Coast Guard’s Air Station in Clearwater, FL.  Our aircraft mechanics have a thorough knowledge of aircraft structural repair procedures, corrosion related repairs and corrosion control treatments, preventative coatings and compounds, sheet metal/structural modifications and repairs. In addition, they have a thorough understanding of unique aircraft tools, composite repair tools and procedures.  We lead mechanic teams through complex aircraft maintenance tasks and document our work according to US Coast Guard procedures.

In today’s marketplace, companies must focus on flawless execution when connecting with customers by managing supply chain efficiencies and collaborating and communicating with channel partners.  Our Workforce Resources professionals easily integrate into our clients’ business model, providing critical support in supply chain management that positively affects how the clients’ products are sourced, manufactured, received, shipped and stocked.  Whether its strategic planning, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution or receiving defective or excess products, our Workforce Resources team can assist in-house management at every stage of the supply chain.

Our supply technicians are assigned to the US Coast Guard’s Aviation Logistics Center and are responsible for:  researching all parts for the Medium Range Recovery (MRR) Projects Branch using supply management software such as FEDLOG, AMMIS (or equivalent military system), manuals and catalogs to locate parts availability and costs; prepare and submit requisitions for materials, consumable parts and repairable parts to meet production schedules; receive, ship and stock parts along with issuing materials and supplies; create databases on all parts ordered and received; examine items received to verify identity, quantity and work order number and check for discrepancies.  Workforce Resources supply clerks have valid forklift licenses and can operate a small forklift, process parts for aircraft and harness kits and take inventory of all hardware in warehouse and cabinets.

Our equipment specialists support the procurement of supplies and services related to maintaining the US Coast Guard’s H-60 and MH-60 helicopter fleet.  This includes determining the quantity, type and potential sources of supply for items required in the projects portion of the warehouse; analysis of documentation to ensure the adequacy, accuracy and completeness of technical documentation to support the life cycle of the fleet; review and analysis of data and items for: interchangeability or substitution, tolerance factor of special equipment components, standardization, inventory consolidation, long lead time items, support items, proprietary issues, right to data issues and managing multiple sources of supply.

At Workforce Resources, Inc., our team of technical writers and illustrators produce well written, highly specialized, user friendly manuals that include user/operator; service repair; machine /tool operation; installation and assembly instructions, special instructions/procedures, flight manuals and parts books.  We specialize in manuals that contain the technical documentation and material required to support the Short Range Recovery, Medium Range Recovery, Medium Range Surveillance, Long Range Surveillance, and Engineering Services Divisions as well as the Engineering Support Branch of the United States Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center; the Air Stations in Elizabeth City, NC and Clearwater, FL; and the Aviation Training Center in Mobile, AL.

Our manuals are created for the H-60 and H-65 helicopters and the C130 and C144 aircraft.  Our technical writers prepare information for aircraft modification, programmed depot maintenance, drop-in maintenance and unscheduled engineering and maintenance actions necessary to maintain aircraft in airworthy condition for completion of missions as designated by the US Department of Homeland Security.  Our writers and illustrators write, edit and monitor the development and sustainment of technical publications, maintenance procedure cards, test plans and flight manuals to support the US Coast Guard aviation enterprise.  Our staff supervises and manages the review and updating, as well as generating technical instructions in support of SRR and MRR Projects technical publication development efforts.  Our personnel have experience in aircraft maintenance and specifically with SRR and MRR series helicopters.

Our illustrators create a variety of drawings that include: two dimensional illustrations; schematics; three-dimensional isometric drawings; or exploded view assembly illustrations.  Our team of professional illustrators can begin with rough sketches, previously printed copies; photographs; actual products or components; or engineering blueprints to produce professional illustrations.